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A collaboration project with Jonathan Roditi. A floating stage designed to be viewed from 4 sides where each facade serves as a stage for different musicians playing in different phase of natural light.

The sides are covered with a see through white net, that works as a screen for various lights. In the centre there is a hanging column made out of stripes of reused commercial banners. It serves as a backstage for technical crew and equipment, meanwhile becomes a large scale light installation, that is lighten up in some moments during the performance.

The materials used in the building process are borrowed, reused or designed with a possibility to be used again. The aim was to reduce waste to a minimum.

Designed for:

09.Laima Sirmā_03.jpeg

Concept & Production:

Reinis Spaile, Matīss Spaile


Jonathan Roditi, Zane Priede


The Bad Tones (LV)

Tim Linghaus (DE)


Okay Kaya (USA)

Múr (LV)

Photos by:

Alīna Plotonova, Darious Moravcik, Krists Krūskops, Igor Saveiko, Laima Sirmā, Patrīcija Kolāte, Vika Eksta

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