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Stage Design

A floating stage developed for a musical performance. The performance consists of diverse musical lines that supplements the surroundings - the rise of the sun from a pitch black dark.


Zane is interested in perception of mind in the state of unknown, where the visible might be misleading, misinterpreted and rediscovered by the changing light.  A village made out of doors and windows remains visible, hanging in the starry sky. By the rising sun it reveals the whole black space that was hiding in the dark and completely changes the appearance of space. The space appears as ethereal towers stretching towards the sky, with light pink arches that gets visually activated by the warmth of rising sunlight.

Designed for:


Musical program:

Reinis Spaile, Matīss Spaile

Stage designer:

Zane Priede

Costume designers:

Daniela Treija & Kristofers Reidzāns


Matīss Čudars & Radio Choir (LV)

Mirel Wagner (FIN)

After Marianne (FR)

Willy Mason (USA)

Madhav (NL)

Photos by:

Laima Sirmā, Aivars Ivbulis, Madara Lesīte, Artūrs Gailītis, Jonathan Roditi

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