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PRAGAII - Sorry, Can't Talk Right Now

 A collaboration project with experimental pop duo PRAGAII from Latvia. 

The project started with a cover photograph for their debut album SORRY CAN'T TALK RIGHT NOW, that intrigued us to visually dive deeper and explore each song separately. 


By developing ideas with my personal associations and combining them with insights from the music making process that PRAGAII shared with me, it became a visual realm of sound and atmosphere.

It brought me to a place of dark autumn nights, saturated with color reflections of streetlights and neon bars, smoky indoors, unfinished conversations, daydreams of nature, mystical powers, loss of gravity.

The project resulted in a pop-up exhibition at LOOK gallery, where the band presented their debut album to the public for the first time. You had to scan the image to be able to listen to the track on your phone.

Still Life Photography
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